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Dissection podcast #5 with Ken Barber

Talking about process, inspiration, and mid-20th-century American lettering

Typographics conference speaker Ken Barber is the guest for the fifth episode in the Dissection/Typographics podcast series. The discussion revolves around Barber’s lettering and type work at House Industries, and particularly House’s new book The Process is the Inspiration.

You can listen to the interview below, on the Dissection site, or on Soundcloud.

Barber and his colleagues from House will kick off the first night of the Typographics festival with a free lecture and launch party for their new book, June 12, including live on-site screen printing by Awesome Dudes. He will also talk about mid-20th-century American ad lettering on June 17 for his presentation at the Typographics conference. Finally, Barber is leading two lettering workshops during Typographics: one on Spencerian lettering, June 19–20, and another on brush lettering, June 21–22.

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