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Dissection podcast interview with Cara Di Edwardo and Alexander Tochilovsky

A discussion with the Typographics directors, the first in a podcast series

In the coming weeks, the Dissection podcast (produced by JK Design) is airing a series of episodes in partnership with Typographics, featuring interviews from conference speakers and background info about the festival. Dissection is “a podcast about the unique creative process of graphic designers, illustrators, and visual artists” and have interviewed a wide variety of designers, including former Typographics speakers Bethany Heck, Emily Oberman, Marta Cerdà Alimbau, and Tobias Free-Jones.

To kick off the new series, they interviewed Cara Di Edwardo and Alexander Tochilovsky, the directors of the Typographics conference and festival. They discuss the history of how Typographics started, the role of playfulness in the conference’s identity, challenges of running an event series, and much more. You can play the full interview below or on Soundcloud.

We like how the Dissection team modified their usual gridded dot pattern for episode thumbnails, adapting the neon signage motif from this year’s Typographics branding. 👍

For updates on future episodes and other Typographics news, follow @TypographicsNYC on Twitter.

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