BadgeBot 2016

Generating 1000+ unique name badge designs for Typographics attendees

Automated name badge designs for some of the participants and organizers of Typographics.

The name badges for this year’s Typographics conference are being generated with randomized border combinations and dynamic type sizing based on the name of each attendee. Every badge has a unique combination of elements, constructed with ornaments and frames from the Eames type series. While the specific combinations are randomized, the overall layout remains relatively consistent between instances. Eames Century Modern was also used for attendee names, supported by Mallory for smaller company/organization names. Between the typefaces and the color scheme, the badges maintain a relationship with the overall 2016 Typographics branding despite their graphic variety.

The script for generating the badges — “BadgeBot 2016” — was created by type designer David Jonathan Ross based on designs by Mark Rossi and me. David used DrawBot, a Python-based graphics application, and borrowed various features from the previous BadgeBot script he prepared for Typographics last year.

We’re looking forward to seeing more than 500 unique badges on Typographics attendees later this week. Even with the double-sided badges featuring 2 variations each, we’ll still only produce about 13% of the 8000+ variations possible with the script.

If you’re interested in learning how to make your own DrawBot scripts like BadgeBot, check out Just van Rossum’s Python Program­ming with DrawBot for Beginners workshop, June 20–21, immediately following the Typographics conference.

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